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Corporate Profile

New House are the construction professionals who build and tailor building for multiple purposes, and also value-adding alterations & additions, and renovation works. For more than 30 years, New House Construction delivers a good portfolio of satisfactory local developments. We understand how precious your investment to next construction project is. We will serve you with our extensive experience and knowledge, and contribute to your next milestone.

Corporate History

Starting in 1977, New House was formerly a joint venture with a Group C holder listed in Public Works Department. During the early stage, some fundamental projects from both public & private sector, including Tsuen Wan Auditorium (1980), Hong Kong Polytechnic Phase II A & MME Phase (1981), Aberdeen Urban Services Complex (1983), Tung Wai Commercial Building (1983) & Kwun Tong Law Court (1984), had been accomplished.

In 1984, the joint venture came to an end, following the leave of venture partner’s owner; New House Construction Co., Ltd was later developed independently, and a new chapter began. We have engaged to local property construction projects, along additions & alterations, and renovation works. Over 30 years of experience has made the team excellent at project management, no matter for residential, industrial, commercial, educational or governmental sector.

Starting 2001, New House has been included to Development Bureau’s List of Approved Contractors  for Public Works; and since 2018, the Group C (P) status had been granted. In order to pursue excellence on quality, safety and service, we also obtained the ISO 9001 (2015). In the future, we will keep energetic and active, to sustain the changing industry, and provide best services.

The Polytechnic University Ng Wing Hong Building & Chow Yei Ching Building At 11 Yuk Choi Road, Hong Kong (1981)
The Polytechnic University Ng Wing Hong Building & Chow Yei Ching Building At 11 Yuk Choi Road, Hong Kong (1981)


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